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Your daily stats
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See how you've done
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In Progress
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Goal exceeded
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Goal missed
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Earn points for each event
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See what you can do to earn points
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Earned today
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Daily maximum
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Take steps to earn points
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Heart rate
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Keep a % of the max. heart rate for your age to earn points.
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Your challenge is done
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Let's see what you have got
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You’ll get <0>+{{voucher}} voucher as your reward.
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You’ll get <0>+{{points}} points
Fitness Needs Work
Your fitness needs work. See your full report.
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Start Challenge
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Error: No Data
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Error: Failed to fetch challenge list from API!
Your challenge is done
Your challenge is done
Lets See What You've Got
Let's see what you've got
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Quit Challenge
Sleep Needs Work
Your sleep needs work. See your full report.
Vital Needs Work
Your vitals need work. See your full report.
Positive Answer
Negative Answer
Nutrition Needs Work
Your nutrition needs work. See your full report.
Stress Needs Work
Your stress needs work. See your full report.
Smoking Needs Work
Your smoking needs work. See your full report.
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Link now
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Link your workout tracker
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You'll need to do this to take part in this challenge.
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Upgrade and get rewarded
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Let's go
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Are you sure?
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Come back later when you're ready
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To do
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New challenges await.
New personalized challenge description
Check it out now.
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How it works
Let's Go Description
Complete these steps and gaining points in no time.
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Let's go
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Challenge Progress
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To earn points submit results from <0>{{submissionStartDate}} to <1>{{challengeEndDate}}
To Earn Points From
To earn points submit results from <0>{{submissionStartDate}}
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C'mon, you can do better
Redo Description
Let's see what you've got
Redo Card Title
Try again?
Redo Card Description
Redo the challenge and earn points
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Submit result
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